From 1996 to 1999, Thomas Wade and Wayward ruled country radio. No other independent act was garnering the same level of success as them. The awards and the Top 40 hits kept on coming until he parted ways with the band.  In the wake of Wayward’s end, Thomas worked towards making a name for himself as a solo artist. In 2000 he released Lucky 13, an album said by some to be an independent masterpiece. With one album Thomas showed the world what he was fully capable of, and Country Music Television backed him every step of the way. In 2004 Céline Dion recorded a song he wrote called “Come To Me”. At this point in Thomas Wade’s career he now has the freedom to make the kind of music he’s always wanted to. He’s stopped working towards being a part of the next big thing and started working towards being a part of the music he’s loved since he picked up his first guitar. 



Lisa SavillComment