Countrified Canada talks to Lindsay Broughton

Countrified Interview with Lindsay Broughton by Giosi Tortorici

Thank you for taking the time to talk to Countrified Canada.

Q: First of all, congratulations on your success in the Canadian country music scene. We know you will continue to do amazing things and we look forward to your upcoming projects.

Your sound is a culmination of different musical influences. Tell us a little about how you would describe your sound.

A: I would describe my sound just as you said! A culmination of all my musical influences that come together to form a rock-pop-country feel.

Q: Which artists do you feel you can relate to the most in terms of inspiration for your music?

A: Currently I love the music Thomas Rhett is making. It's the perfect blend of feel good music with substance.

Performance wise, I was lucky enough to FINALLY see Keith Urban in concert a few weeks ago and that experience has completely turned my live show upside down on its head! After watching Keith's performance I have a new appreciation for the art of performance and it has completely inspired me to rebuild my set from top to bottom.

Q: Your debut EP was #1 as the top selling Canadian Country album in Canada for a few weeks in 2013 and you have had several of your songs reach Top 40 & Top 50 on the Canadian Billboard Country charts; take us through your creative process, songwriting, special collaborations...etc.

A: My creative process is always different. No two songs are ever created equally which is why each one becomes special in its own way. Songs have been born from waking up at night with melodies running through my head, books, movies, real life experiences or from messing around on the guitar and singing whatever comes into my head first. In some cases a co-writer will have a lyric or melody idea and pitch it at a session or I'll have a cool line or title in my head or a groove on the guitar I want to place in a song and a tune is made.

Q: Your next album is slated for a fall release and the first single "We Don't Mix" is already getting airplay. Great song, by the way! What was the difference this time around in terms of what you want to project?

A: Thank you!:) So glad you like it! This time around I know who I am as an artist and what I'd like to say to the world. I'm not a naive 19-year-old little girl anymore and this next record will project a lot of growth in comparison to my debut, Take Me There. It's going to have the upbeat sound I've grown to love with all the relatable substance I can pack in there for listeners. The musical journey and path through my twenty somethings has been a roller coaster of emotional ups and downs, and I really think it it’ll be apparent in my next record.

Q: Playing live must be such an adrenaline rush, how do you prepare for the different festivals or shows?

A: Rehearsals are number one. I'm with my band two weeks in advance to festival shows getting them prepared because well, you can never over prepare for anything.

Q: Anything special that fans can look forward to besides your new album?

A: Fans should be looking forward to my new song called We Don't Mix just starting to pick up momentum on the radio and seeing it in my live show. It sounds great live and it's just as much fun to play.

Q: Tell me what being part of Canadian country music in 2016 means to you?

A: Being part of Canadian country in 2016 is like being part of a crucial puzzle piece. I love that women are on the rise in the country genre the past few years and it makes me feel so accomplished and happy to be part of the movement – if you dare to call it that.

The industry has become a piece of myself and the people in it have become part of my family. It's such an honour to be accepted and recognized within the Canadian country scene and what's even more amazing is that my dreams are coming true everyday. I have put so much time and effort into the country scene and I can successfully check things off of my bucket list because of what this Canadian country music industry has given back to me.



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