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You just released your sophomore EP, Come Find Me, what song are you most excited for fans to hear?

I’m really excited to share all of these songs! If I had to pick one, it would be the title track, “Come Find Me”, which was written by some of my favorite writers, Phil Barton, Brian White and Hannah Ellis. Phil co-wrote one of my favorite country songs "A Women Like You" by Lee Brice.

A big part of creating the EP was discovering who I wanted to be as a performer and as a person during a challenging time in my life. This song has come to represent that journey for me and there is something about performing this type of song that is healing to the heart. I really do love it.

You are spending the upcoming months on your own national tour that will take you all the way to Prince Edward Island coming back to your home province of BC, are there any stops along the way that you are most excited to see?

I can’t wait to check out Prince Edward Island! I never got to stop there on my last tour so I made a point of it this time. Can’t wait for a good lobster dish! It will be the first time in Prince Edward Island, but not the first time having lobster. My first lobster experience was in Nova Scotia and it was pretty hilarious. 

I’m also wanting to see these wonderful waterfalls throughout Ontario that I’ve heard about. We didn’t have time to stop on the way out east, but I’m hoping that we’ll have the time on the way home. I’m a sucker for the beauties of nature!

You can keep up with my tour dates and adventures on my website at or @LisaNicoleMusic on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

As a rising artist what is one quality that draws you to country music and the industry?

What draws me most is that I love hard work and a challenge. Challenges lead to hard work and hard work makes you stronger. Of course, I also love singing. For me, being able to sing creates a physical and emotional feeling of pouring yourself out for the world to see. It’s invigorating! 

Getting to know Lisa Nicole

Last girls’ night out?

It was my girl friend’s bachelorette party at Christina Lake, which also happened to be my first bachelorette party ever! It was a fun girls’ weekend of games, boating and wake surfing! Although I was sick, so I was drinking lemon ginger tea while everyone else was sipping on margaritas!

Last thing you borrowed from someone?

The last thing I borrowed was my mom’s cowboy boots! She has this beautiful black pair that I steal from her all the time… and truth be told, it’s usually for a couple of months, rather than borrowing them for just a day. She lets me, though, because I wear them well!

Last game you played?

The last game I played would have been flip cup in the summer! Truth be told, I’m not really a person that plays many games. When I want to unwind from music, I do it by being active. So you’re more likely to find me in the mountains hiking, hunting, and camping and playing that way!
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