Nicole Rayy releases debut album "Dig"

What was the most interesting part of working on a debut Album?

There we so many exciting and interesting moments over the past few years of putting this album together. I think one of the most interesting parts was getting to do so much co-writing for this album. For my EP, ‘Only Everything’, I did the majority of the writing on my own. For ‘Dig’, I went down to Nashville and had the opportunity to co-write with many talented writers, including Patricia Conroy, Benita Hill and Brian White. Co-writing isn’t something I’ve had the pleasure of doing too much of until this album and I really enjoyed it. It was a whole new experience being able to bounce around ideas with other people and feed into their creative energy.

What single of the debut are you most excited for fans to hear?

It’s hard to pick just one song that I am excited to share with fans. I put a lot of hard work into this album and each song is like my baby; I love each one for different reasons. I was very excited to put ‘Bow And Arrow’ out last January, as it was the first from this brand new album and really gave fans a taste of the new music they could look forward to.  I am also excited for fans to hear the title track, ‘Dig’, which is out to radio right now.  Being the title for the album, this song gives listeners the feel for the entire album. I wanted my lyrics to be as honest and emotional as possible, and I think ‘Dig’, and all the other tracks on the album, challenge listeners to really dig into their own emotions.

You recently were part of a charity event that raised over $4000 for Manitoba Neurofibromatosis and the Neurofibromatosis Foundation, why is this cause so important to you?

Yes, and I can’t thank everyone enough who made the event possible and helped us to raise over $4000 for NF! My manager, Janice Starodub, has a nephew that has Neurofibromatosis and she has shared with me some of the challenges he has had to face. We wanted to be able to give back and raise awareness for NF. I thought my CD release party would be the perfect opportunity for us to do so.  Music is so wonderful for bringing people together and I wanted to bring people together not only to celebrate music, but also to raise money for a great cause. 

First song you ever sang?

I’m not sure I remember the very first song I ever performed, I’ve been singing since I was a little girl. I do know the first country song I ever performed in front of an audience was ‘No One Needs to Know’, by Shania Twain.

5 must have songs on your playlist? 

Picking 5 is so hard; there are at least a hundred or more must have songs on my playlist! Here are some of the most played songs on my iTunes playlist:

-       In Pieces- Linkin Park

-       It Ain’t Love- Green River Ordinance

-       Red – Taylor Swift

-       Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash

-       Burning House- Cam

Last movie you saw?

I watched ‘Nerve’ on my flight to Winnipeg yesterday. I’ve been travelling so much lately that I’ve seen all the movies on the plane that was the only one I hadn’t watched yet. 


Nicole Rayy first blasted into the Canadian Country music scene in 2012 with the release of her debut EP “Only Everything”. Recorded with award-winning musician, composer, and producer Lance Anderson of Cherry Beach Sound and enlisting the talents of top Country guitarist and CCMA Hall of Fame recipient, Wendell Ferguson, Only Everything was a strong debut for Nicole, showcasing the diverse range of emotion and vocal range through her songs with a subject matter that is personal as much as it is relatable. It wasn’t long after the release of “Only Everything”, that people began to take notice of her talents. Multiple Country Music Association of Ontario Award nominations and invitations to perform at festivals and venues followed. She has opened for such country music legends as Aaron Pritchett, toured across the nation, and rocked the stage at such events as Manitoulin Country Fest, The Calgary Stampede, and multiple industry showcases throughout Canadian Country Music Week, including this year’s “Rise and Shine” – celebrating female artists, alongside fellow singer songwriters, Alee, Genevieve Fisher, Raquel Cole hosted by Julie and Carli Kennedy. Nicole also has the honour of performing at the World Music Festival in Shanghai, China, for the second year, where Nicole’s music proved to be a hit among the enthusiastic crowds.

Nicole’s latest album is the highly-anticipated Dig, produced at Noble Street Studios in Toronto by renowned Record Producer/Writer and Musical Director Doug Romanow, whose long list of clients include Justin Bieber, Johnny Reid, Chantal Kreviazuk, and the Canadian Country Music Awards. Released in Fall 2016, the album continues in the theme of uncompromising honesty and challenges listeners, as well as Nicole herself, to dig deep down to the emotional core of themselves. From the tale of devoted love that is Follow You Down and the bitter, empowering anthem of Done With This Town, the high energy of Bow and Arrow to the title single Dig, which goes into the desire to get serious and dig past the surface of a relationship, the album showcases Rayy’s tonal range and relatable sentiment perfectly.

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