Center Stage with Amanda Sadler

Tell us about your upcoming single “Drop the Needle Down”? You co-wrote it with Canadian Country music royalty Patricia Conroy and Dave Thomson (Lady Antebellum), could you tell us about that process? 


Working with Dwave and Patricia on this single was an absolute dream come true. They have been two of my biggest inspirations as writers for years now, and two people that I look up to most in the industry. A co-write with them is full of laughs, inspiration, and some seriously thought-provoking ideas flying around. I consider myself a sponge when I write with them – I try to soak up as much as possible from their incredible technique and talent.


I was incredibly lucky to have Dwave involved in both the writing and recording process for “Drop the Needle Down,” as he produced the single as well. In my eyes, this made a world of a difference, and his vision to bring the song to life was everything I could have hoped it to be. There was a smile plastered on my face from the moment I heard the first mix.


You have a video coming out to accompany the new single, can you give Countrified Canada readers any hints on what we can expect to see?


Tim Deegan did such a beautiful job with the video, and his vision was everything I could have hoped for and more for my debut video. The single evokes a certain romantic nostalgia surrounding a snapshot in time where your whole world can revolve around a single person and a song, and I think the video encompasses that perfectly. I’ll leave the hints at that, and let you all get the full experience on January 20th when the video is officially released.


You are a classically trained pianist and vocalist, what made you lean toward Country music?


I like to think that I didn’t really choose Country music, but rather that it chose me. My family has always listened to Country, and I grew up hearing everything from Johnny Cash to Shania Twain. When I began song writing at a young age, my writing naturally seemed to gravitate towards Country. I can clearly remember that the first time I heard “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss, I knew that I wanted to sing and write music that could evoke that much emotion in a single song. I was hooked.


How would you define your musical style?

Contemporary Country with pop and roots influences.


Fun Facts


First song you learned to sing?

Other than the usual nursery rhymes, it had to be the soundtrack to the Little Mermaid. Ariel’s rockin’ red hair was an inspiration from the get go.


Favourite clothing item?

Black thigh high-heeled boots. Them boots were made for performing in.


Most admired Canadian artist?

Brett Kissel – that guy knows how to rock a crowd and run a business. Serious props.


Dream duet partner?

Maren Morris.


Favourite beauty product?

Benefit Bad Gal Mascara.

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