Top 5 Countrified Big Valley Jamboree Picks

1. Allumination


The Alumicool can Sleeve was designed with inspiration from the following two concepts: a Coaster and a Coozie. With this in mind, you can either remove the can from the sleeve for a sip, or pick up the whole sleeve to have a drink. Either way you choose to use it, each AlumiCool Sleeve is crafted with a close-fitting inner diameter in order to provide a suction cup like effect that securely holds your canned beverage. 

The king sized AlumiCool Sleeve is designed to hold either the original or tall Alumicool. It is able to lower the smaller Alumicool Sleeves gently to the bottom and therefore creates a double walled insulated AlumiCool for your can. Please see video for demonstration!

Our Alumicool Sleeves can be placed in a fridge, freezer, or cooler before use to keep your beverage of choice chilled for a longer period of time. If choosing to do this, you can remove the can from the sleeve when wanting a drink, without freezing your hands on the AlumiCool itself. Or keep your hands on the king sized Sleeve while it holds the cold original or tall sleeve!

2. House of Q


With an award-winning competition BBQ team, House of Q is one of the top BBQ sauce and spice makers in Canada and North America.  At House of Q, we love bringing people together to share good times and great tasting food! Create fun and memorable meals with our range of original gluten-free BBQ sauces, and feel confident cookingwith reliable high quality ingredients. Get your family and friends excited for a rock’n BBQ because House of Q flavours are going to kick the party up a notch!

House of Q products are ready-to-use and make cooking delicious food a total breeze. Check out our Apple Butter BBQ Sauce, perfect for a grilled chicken or pork recipe, or our Slow Smoke Gold BBQ Sauce, a mustard-based BBQ sauce that makes a fantastic dip or glaze.


3. Wilhawk Beef Jerky

Made from 100% pure Alberta Beef, Wilhauk Beef Jerky is aged, seasoned, marinated and smoked to savoury perfection. 

They started making our world famous Wilhauk Beef Jerky nearly 30 years ago and it quickly became their top selling product. They also make fresh, homemade sausage, pepperoni, smokies, salami and ground beef. Like their incredibly popular jerky, all Wilhauk products are made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

4. Bullet Proof Jewelry


It all started one day with a video online that detailed how to make headphones out of bullet casings. Loving the  idea and a trip to the local shooting range in Edmonton  walking out with 1500 9mm bullet casings! Unfortunately they couldn't sell just 2! Left with around 1400 casings and no idea what to do with them. Following the idea of having them on your ears the signature piece earrings were created for friends and family.

5. Twisted Label Clothing


Twisted Label offers affordable brand name fashions for Ladies of ALL ages, and from ALL walks of life. We have your complete outfit from Accessories to Footwear, Tops to Bottoms and a fantastic collection of Outwear. A wonderful mix of classic, vintage, basic and trendy styles will greet throughout the boutique. 

"Fashion is our passion, and to have you looking and feeling your best, is our Mission."

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