Under The Radar With Nice Horse

You just released your debut EP, A Little Unstable, what song are you most excited for fans to hear?

KATIE MARIE: Pony Up, Jim, Jack, Johnnie & Jose, Hold Your Horses, Put Your Lips On Me. That’s all 4 songs that are on the EP and I’m excited for people to hear all of them! :)

KALEY DEBRA:  I am most excited for people to find all the hidden horse puns riddled throughout this EP.   

KRISTA LEE: I do have a bit of a soft spot for Pony Up, if you're really twisting my arm. Oh look! Could it be... a horse pun?

Why “Nice Horse”?

BRANDI CAROLINE: Well, the short version is that the name is a nod to my dear old cowboy dad...but the long version...

KRISTA LEE: Oh yes, Brandi's dad. He's a old-school farmer - and let's just say he never lets a good-looking horse go by without hitting someone next to him and yelling, "Look at that horse! That's a nice horse!" 

How did 4 Prairie girls start a band?

KRISTA LEE: We've all been friends for a long time! The music business can be difficult, and we've always supported each other over the years in our own individual projects. In a way, it's kind of crazy we didn't think to start a band together sooner! 

KATIE MARIE: We took a girl’s trip to Hawaii and ended up writing a whole bunch of country songs. We were into the songs, looked around and realized “Hey - we are a band right here”, and the idea just took off.

BRANDI CAROLINE: …but even when we first started this, the plan wasn’t to make it a big thing—we were just a few girls who wanted to play fun shows together and have some fun! We never knew it would grow to be what it is now…

KALEY DEBRA: Wait.....this is a band?  I thought we were a whiskey club? 

Tell Countrified Canada readers why you have partnered with Cody and Sioux? Any favourites?

 KALEY DEBRA:  We just love everything they carry!   Their modern west pieces really speak to each of our own individual styles.  Especially for us Country girls who live in the city!  I love all of the boots they carry, especially anything done by Old Gringo.  It is pretty dangerous for me as they are only about 8 blocks from my house!  

KRISTA LEE: It is definitely a dangerous place to walk into. They have amazing jewelry, too - I think every time I go in there I accidentally acquire a new piece.

You recently toured with Tom Cochrane, (Love the “All The King’s Men” duet Countrified Canada caught on social media). What was the coolest thing about touring with the legendary artist? Favourite Tom Cochrane Song? 

KATIE MARIE: The entire tour was the coolest thing that happened haha! It was amazing for our first tour to be that one. The audiences were amazing, it was a total thrill. Tom and his whole band and crew are fantastic musicians and incredible people. They treated us like family and we had so much fun with them. Definitely one for the books! Fav song of mine…there are too many! “No Regrets”, “All The King’s Men”…

BRANDI CAROLINE: I love “Sinking Like A Sunset!” On the third show of the tour, Anet Ducharme, who wrote ‘Sinking Like A Sunset” came up to sing background vocals with us on the song. It was such a memorable moment on the tour for me!

Last girls night out?

BRANDI CAROLINE: The last girls' night out we had was the after party of the Tom Cochrane concert at Massey Hall in Toronto. We horses like to have fun! I don't remember exactly how it happened, but somehow, we got the whole bar dancing and singing to Champagne Supernova?!

KRISTA LEE: Let's face it, every night is girls' night when we're together. We're pretty skilled at creating a party out of absolutely nothing.

Last thing you borrowed from each other?

BRANDI CAROLINE: We borrow things from each other CONSTANTLY. So much it's hard to keep track! I think the most recent things that I have borrowed are a jean shirt of Kaley's, and Krista's stomp box. I still haven't returned either of them... : S

KRISTA LEE: Actually, I borrowed that stomp box from Katie originally. Oops. 

KALEY DEBRA: I borrowed Katie's oil of oregano...more like she left it at our last Airbnb, and I took it...you don't mind, do you Katie? I am fighting a nasty cold. I also have a pair of Brandi's boots. They are her Ropers from when she was young. They were a gift, right B?

Last game you played?

KALEY DEBRA:  Katie and I like to do this thing where we watch and learn epic dance videos. Then we record ourselves performing the dances in our own unique style.  We sometimes even have guest performers!  However, this isn't really a game.  We take our dancing very seriously and have a serious cult following on social media.  You should probably check it out.  

BRANDI CAROLINE: Stop plugging your dance routines in our interview, Kaley!

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