Under the Radar with Eric Ethridge

Q: You recently released your debut single, “Liquor’s Callin’ the Shots”, did you write the single? Why did you choose the single to be your debut single?

A: Yes, I co-wrote the single with Brian Howes, Jason Van Poederooyen, and Nolan Sipe. When we were looking at how we wanted to approach the single release, we felt that “Liquor’s Callin’ the Shots” would be an awesome summer anthem, and it’s a song that most people can relate to!

Q: Tell us about your CCMA Discovery Program experience?

A: The CCMA Discovery Program was an amazing opportunity. Winning the award was definitely a shock, and a great honour!  Earlier in 2016, the CCMA had brought the final six acts down to Toronto to meet and learn from a multitude of industry professionals. They also went though the key aspects of being an artist in the Canadian music industry. As a young artist, often you make decisions in situations where there is really no clear right answer. Being selected for the CCMA discovery program was very humbling, and really helped to re-assure my decision making as an artist.  For that I'm sincerely grateful!

Q: You are currently working on a debut EP, if you could describe what fans could expect in one word, what would it be?

A: Epic.

Q: Last movie you saw?

A: The Free State of Jones

Q: Do you have any tattoos?

A: Not Yet! But I hope to soon.

Q: What is your specialty meal to cook up in the kitchen?

A: Butter Chicken!

Q: Favourite cover song to sing?

A: Breakeven – The Script!

Connect with Eric Ethridge:

Facebook: ericethridgemusic
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Twitter: EricEthridge
Youtube: ericethridgemusic


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