Interview with Dave Hartney

Q: Why did you chose “Party Lights” as a debut single? Did you write it?
A: Thanks so much for having me. I thought Party Lights would a really good introduction of me as an artist. It’s fun and upbeat, it has a big guitar intro and solos that I get to play live. It really creates a big visual story in the listener’s minds, I hope! I’m proud to be a songwriter, but this particular song was pitched to me by a friend at a publishing company, though I did get permission to re-write a few lines. So I had a hand in the finial product but it was written by some very talented writers in Nashville who have written songs for some well-known artists.

Q: “Party Lights” is the perfect summer song, what does Dave Hartney have planed for this summer?
A: Well thank you for saying that! First up is the radio tour! I’m going almost coast to coast in May, and then start with the live shows after that. The highlights are definitely going to the BC festivals! Gone Country on July 22 with Tim Hicks and Jojo Mason, and Sunfest on Aug 4.

Q: You have opened for some pretty impressive artists, single most important piece of advice you received?
A: Thank you! I’ve been really lucky and have got to chat back stage with artists who I’ve opened for, and really admire, like Vince Gill and Dierks Bentley, but actually the best advice has come from Aaron Pritchett! I used to watch him play at a local club when I was 19 and first going to the bar and his energy even back then was so amazing it really inspired me to want to form my own band. He’s been really great to me over the years and just told me to be persistent and find your own lane to stay in. More than anything I’ve learned a lot about live performance and how to treat everyone, fans or industry, because he treats everyone like gold!

Q: First song you ever sang?
A: I actually do remember this… my Uncle got me a “Learn To Play Guitar Overnight” instructional tape (VHS haha), and I learned to play “Wild Thing”! 3 Chords and some attitude.

Q: Dream Canadian Country music artist duet partner?
A: That is so hard! Probably my buddy Tebey, he’s just got the smoothest voice. Paul Brant or Dallas Smith would be amazing too. Maybe for the ladies Madeline Merlo or Meghan Patrick, and I have got to sing on a track with Carly McKillip from One More Girl who is amazing! Ok I know I’m cheating here…I could keep going.

Q: Hidden talent: 
A: Man, I’m so bad at these …when kids are around at family events and stuff, I can throw those grapes or blueberries pretty high up and catch them in my mouth. It’s amusing to the kids the first 3 times.

Q: Dream venue: 
A: I think everyone dreams of playing their hometown arena, so number one would be Rogers Arena in Vancouver. I’d take it as an opener! Haha Close second would be some of the major US festivals like Stage Coach, Watershed, but I gotta say that last summer at Sunfest was pretty amazing, and I’m thrilled they are having me back two years in a row!

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