Countrified Interview with Tareya


Q: With “Summer Wheels,” you have the opportunity to showcase your own unique sound, how would you say your own style differs from the Autumn Hill sound?
A: I have a little more of a soulful sound, more fluid and unrestricted. I allow myself to linger on the notes, speed up, feel out the melody lines depending on the moment. When harmonizing with Mike in Autumn Hill, we stuck to specific melody lines and timing to create that consistent, distinct “Autumn Hill” sound, but on the new solo album my style is more emotional.

Q: “Summer Wheels” is the first single from your full-length debut solo album currently in the works that will feature a collection of your original songs.  Tell us about “Summer Wheels” and why you choose it as a debut single?
A: Imagine combining Sheryl Crow’s “Soak Up The Sun” with Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” add in some Beach Boys harmonies and Ringo inspired drumming and you’ve got “Summer Wheels”! It’s the perfect summer road trip anthem! There are a lot of dramatic emotional songs on the album, but I wanted the release to be a celebration and what better time to release “Summer Wheels” than summertime?!

Q: What can fans expect from the rest of the debut album?
A: I metabolize emotional experiences through music and this album is an expression of events in my life that I’ve processed through songwriting. I hope others connect with this album the way I do. It’s an extremely personal album -- every song is about something I’ve gone through. It includes a song about losing someone, leaving everything I knew to move across the country to pursue a career in music, the confounding first few years of marriage, an unforgettable road trip and the title track which celebrates how every experience in life, good or bad, transforms us into beautiful mosaics.

Q: Any summer plans? Any upcoming festivals?
A: This summer I’ll be focusing on finishing the album and spending as much time as possible in Calgary with my family. I’ve been living across the country for seven years, so coming home will be the perfect celebration for the release of “Summer Wheels”!

Let’s talk style…. you have a very unique style. 

Q: Favourite place to shop?
A: A vintage store in Buffalo, NY called Second Chic. They only carry unique finds and I love that there’s only one of everything on the rack -- every piece is original.

Q: Heels or boots?
A: My favourite shoes have always been a black boot with a great heel.

Q: New or used?
A: Some of my best finds have been used. My 2015 CCMA Awards performance outfit was a traditional silk Rajasthani suit top I found in a vintage shop, it was breathtaking and completely original.

Q: Dresses or jeans?
A: When I’m on vacation I live in silk dresses, but when it comes to work I go with jeans.

Q: One piece of clothing you can’t go without?
A: Lululemon yoga pants.

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