Parody Video of Seeding Season set to Johnny Cash by Country Act Going Viral

Nothing says Country like farming, can you imagine life with out one of them?
Imagining life without farming or music would be very foreign, as they have both been such an intrinsic part of our heritage.  It's hard to take the farmer out of a country boy, and the song out of a musician! When it's in your blood, it's in your blood!  We are thankful for the opportunity to do both, although there may be seasons ahead where we pursue more or less of the other.

What do summer plans include for the Hunter Brothers? Festivals? Farming?
On the music front, we are so excited to be heading out to Dauphin Fest, Winkler Harvest Festival, and All Folk'd Up during the Summer Months.  July 1stwill be packed, as we will be singing in Calgary and Medicine Hat on the same day!  Back on the family farm, we have lots of crop spraying to do, so things are going to be busy to say the least! 

Countrified Canada loves the parody, why a Johnny Cash tune?
Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to the video, and do a feature.  We really appreciate it! When you're on the farm, different melody lines, parody ideas, and musical hooks seem to hit you while you are working.  There was no particular reason we chose a Johnny Cash tune, other than the lyrics just seemed to work, so we rolled with it. The "Burning Ring Of Fire" quickly became the "Dirty Spring Of Mire".  It has been a wet Spring, so I think a lot of Farmers out there can relate. Our hearts go out to those who have hardly been able to turn a wheel this year.

Favorite Johnny Cash song?
With five brothers, it is common for our preferences to be a little different.  A couple standouts from Johnny would certainly be "Ring Of Fire", "I Walk The Line" and "Folsom Prison Blues".  You can never go wrong with the classics!  He's a legend.

Favorite country farming song?
Ironically enough, one of our favourite country farming songs would be "Truck Got Stuck" by Corb Lund. We have always loved hearing that tune come on our local radio station, and last harvest we quickly jumped off of our combines to sing a parody to it as well. Then came the Tractor sequel! 

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